Couplemate Treg Pin Lock

Couplemate Treg Pin Lock

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Featuring latch lock with screw lock for added security.

3/4" diameter for use with Treg couplings.

Use to lock trailer on vehicle or lock trailer when left unattended.

Great replacement treg pin for Poly Block Couplings, Treg and Trig pins.

Locking your treg coupling to the trailer is important for anti theft.

Keep it locked when travelling on the highway.

Instead of putting the pin in the back of the car when unhitched,

put the pin back in the coupling and insert the lock.

Important that the factory ‘R Clip’ does not become accidentally 

dislodged by an obstacle.

Features extra wide ‘T’ bar handle for easy grip and locking assembly. 

The 20mm handle is the same size as the main shaft.

Pin and Handle Diameter = 19mm