BM PRO TrailSafe

BM PRO TrailSafe

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Emergency Trailer Break-Away Safety System


  • Bluetooth and wired connectivity options for in vehicle monitors
  • Intelligent time-out to protect brakes
  • Works off house battery – no additional battery required!
  • LED status indicators for full-system safety check at trailer tongue
  • Meets Australian regulations for break away systems on trailers over 2000kgs.
  • Tests pull pin functionality as well as battery health
  • Drives brake lights as well as electric brakes in the event of a break away


System Voltage 12V nominal (not suitable for 24V systems)

Electric Brake Load 18A max

Brake Light Load 8A max

Communications Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5.0)

Wired Monitor Current 30mA max

Battery Chemistry Compatibility LiFePO4 / Lead-acid

Temperature -20°C to 60°C

IP Rating IP67

Battery Nominal Capacity 70Ah – 300Ah