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Australia’s premier Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Safety Dave’s TPMS is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System which can extend tyre life, reduce driving risks and improve fuel efficiency.

How does TPMS work?

Tyres are often neglected or overlooked when it comes to vehicle and caravan maintenance but they are extremely important to the safety of you and your loved ones while on the road. Properly inflated tyres can also extend the life of your tyres and increase fuel efficiency, potentially saving you money. Our TPMS is designed to continually monitor the pressure and temperature of your tyres and alert you if there is an issue. Increase the safety of your vehicle, improve the lifespan of your tyres and drive with confidence with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

No matter whether you drive a car, truck, four wheel drive or tow a caravan or trailer, Safety Dave TPMS is an essential product for every road user. The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System can monitor up to 22 tyres via a 3.5 inch LCD screen which can be mounted to your windscreen and give an audible alarm if it detects a sudden change in tyre pressure.

Whether you only drive around the city streets or prefer to get off the beaten track around outback Australia, Safety Dave TPMS gives you peace of mind.


Extend Tyre Life

Under-inflated tyres wear faster than correctly inflated tyres. For example, tyres which are 30% under-inflated will wear up to 45% faster.

Reduce Driving Risks

Under-inflated tyres contribute to accidents by reducing vehicle handling, increasing braking distance and increasing the likelihood of blowouts.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Save money on your fuel bill by correctly inflating and monitoring your tyres. A 9% drop in tyre pressure increases fuel consumption by around 5%.



The TPMS 3.5inch Monitor has up to 80 Hours of rechargeable battery life (Only 2 hours required to fully charge)


No wires are needed to monitor your tyre pressure


2 Year Replacement Warranty

Key Features
  • Two Year Replacement Warranty
  • Up to 80 hours battery life for LCD monitor
  • Detects between 8 and 218 PSI
  • Simple installation (see video below)
  • Anti-theft tyre sensors
  • Fast leakage alerts
  • Adjustable tyre pressure alert levels
  • 200m Long Range
What's Included
  • 1 x 3.5” Display Monitor with Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Your choice of 4, 6, 8 , or 10 Tyre Sensors (or your desired amount of up to 22 Tyre Sensors)
  • Suction Mount
  • 12-32 Volt USB Port + Auxiliary Socket
  • Black Protective Sensor Covers (anti-theft)
  • Spare Waterproof Rubber Seals
  • Brass Locking Nuts (anti-theft)
  • Locking Nut Spanner
  • 2 x Protective Pouches
  • Spare Sensor Batteries 2032 Lithium Batteries
  • Owner’s Manual