Puretec Inline Caravan Water Filter Brass Hose Fittings & SilverPlus

Puretec Inline Caravan Water Filter Brass Hose Fittings & SilverPlus

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Water quality can be inconsistent when you are travelling throughout Australia & fresh drinking water is vital. Puretec is the No.1 brand of water filters in Australia and the new CR20 Inline water filter has been specifically designed for Caravan and RV use. It's a portable inline water filter designed to connect up easily to standard hose fittings which are readily available in most locations.

The Puretec CR20 filter incorporates carbon filtration with SilverPlus™ Antibacterial Technology to remove taste, odour, chemicals and inhibit bacterial growth leaving healthy, great-tasting water even while you are on the go.

Key Features:

Ideal for camper trailers, boats, caravans and motorhomes.
Reduces sediment, taste and odour, chemical and bacteria from drinking water.
Portable water filters ensuring water is safe no matter where you are.
Connects to standard garden hose fittings.
SilverPlus antibacterial filtration technology.
Brass fittings included
Back Flushable

Micron Rating: 1 micron
Connection: 1/2” Garden Hose
Min/Max Flow Rate: 0 - 20 litres per minute
Min/Max Temperature: 2 - 38°C
Min/Max Pressure: 200 - 860 kPa
Dimensions: 65 mm x 305 mm
Capacity: Rated for 5700 litres