Narva Fuse Box With Cover 12 Way

Narva Fuse Box With Cover 12 Way

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Narva Fuse Box With Cover 12 Way

  • Built-in common earth returns for safety and convenience
  • Includes 86 adhesive labels for easy identification of accessories
  • Dual power inputs
  • Transparent cover with lock
  • Compatible with ATS blade fuses and ATS plug-in circuit breakers

Narva Fuse Box With Cover 12 Way 54450

This Narva 12-Way Fuse Box is a great choice for any application that requires multiple fused accessories, including caravans, RVs, boats, and more. The clip-on transparent cover allows you to do quick visual checks of your fuses whenever you need and features an easy button-release whenever you need to. Dual power inputs are a convenient feature, allowing you to run individual accessories from separate circuits.

Narva fuses are renowned in the industry for their reliability and the quality of their construction. All their fuses and fuse accessories use quality materials so that you can feel protected and feel total peace of mind about your electrical systems.


Maximum amps per circuit: 30A
Maximum amps per fuse block: 120A
Maximum voltage: 32V DC
Dimensions (L x W x H): 165 x 94.5 x 58mm