Fastway 4" Flash Integrated Scale Ball Mount

Fastway 4" Flash Integrated Scale Ball Mount

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  • Measures a maximum 450kg tongue weight
  • Suitable for 2” receivers
  • 50mm & 70mm chrome hitch balls included
  • Includes anti-theft Locking Pins 
  • ADR 62/02 Compliant


  • Stunning good looks: Flash ball mounts are the best-looking ball mounts on the market. Turn heads and be complimented !
  • Universal: Interchangeable Flash ball mounts are easy to swap and very practical no matter what the sized load. .
  • Wise: Be smart, buy a Flash instead of something that will corrode, rust, and will need to be replaced.
  • Strength: You can trust that your trailer is safe behind a Flash, because it is made from a solid piece of aluminium, instead of steel with weld joints that can weaken over time.
  • Save Money: Flash ball mounts last longer because they are made from aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • No Stress and hassle free: They are easy to adjust, lock, and unlock.