Dometic Vent Kit White For Fridges Up To 100 Litres

Dometic Vent Kit White For Fridges Up To 100 Litres

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Dometic Vent & Flue Kit, 5 piece, AS1625, Current style (excludes T-piece usually required). The advanced ventilation system -Model AS1625- was especially designed to provide optimum ventilation and therefore significantly better cooling performance of the Dometic absorption refrigerator.

It features two mounting frames are permanently installed onto the outer wall of your RV, plus easily removable ventilation grills that differ from the top and bottom.

The bottom grill lets fresh cool air in, while the top vent has two outlet sections. The small section on the right takes the exhaust gases/heat directly outside and the larger section takes the warmed up air that flows past the fridge fins to the outside.


The aluminium pipe and plate shown slides into the small side vent prior to the vent grill being inserted. This tube then slopes down to the exhaust flue on the rear of the fridge. The black T-piece (separate part, additional cost) sits onto the top of the fridge chimney and slopes up into the Aluminium tube. (the lower, open end of T-piece allows further air flow to assist the exhaust. The T-piece extension (separate part) can be used if the upper vent needs to set higher.

The mounting frames are held in with 10 screws. The kit also comes with the metal parts shown to connect the fridge flue to the top vent.

  • This kit should be used with all Dometic absorption refrigerators to ensure warranty conditions are met.
  • Replacement parts are available.
  • The 2008 model is the same size, but varies slightly from the earlier vent.
    • Brand: Dometic
    • Both cutout holes should be 451mm wide and 156mm high.
    • Suitable for 3 way fridges up to 100 litres
    • Shipping Weight: 1.04 Kgs.
    • Shipping Dimensions: 10 cm x 19 cm x 55 cm.
    • Model: 700-03540, AS1625-KIT