Bostik V60 Neutral Cure Sealant - Translucent

Bostik V60 Neutral Cure Sealant - Translucent

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Product overview

Premium grade neutral cure glazing weatherproofing silicone sealant. Superior adhesion to aluminium and glass has made V60 Architectural Grade Silicone a market leader in the glass market for 15 years. It has U.V. and weather stability, maintaining reliable flexible and durable elastomeric sealant by absorbing atmospheric moisture as it cures. It is suitable for all types of glazing and waterproofing. 


Bostik V60 Silicone Glazing Sealant meets or exceeds the requirements of the following specification for a one-part sealant:

ASTM C1184, Type S, Use G and OC920: Type S Grade NS, Class 35, Use NT, A, G, OGB – 16776
Meets Low VOC Rating – 47g/L (SCAQMD)
AS/NZS4020-2005 – Drink water approved AWQC (translucent only)

Recommended Uses

    • Two sided structural glazing (colours only on to aluminium substrate)
    • Structurally glazed systems (subject to Bostik approval and review of design first) 
    • Fin glazing
    • Sealing of laminated and reflective glass 
    • General glazing applications
    • Sealing of mirrors and splashbacks
    • Toughened glass assemblies
    • Weather sealing in curtain walls and building facades
    • Weather sealing of composite metal panels


Available in 300g cartridge in black and translucent.